Issues related to Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Issues related to Bilingualism and Multilingualism: When we consider Bilingualism or Multilingualism in language development or the probable condition that bi/multilingualism may confuse the child leading to delay in language learning. One of the biggest concerns that parents have raising the child in a bi/multilingual environment is – “Are bi/multilingual children more likely to have language difficulties, delays, or disorders?”

“Are bi/multilingual environments confusing the child?”

Bi/multilingual parents should ensure that their children get adequate exposure to the language, they want their children to learn. Relatively balanced exposure of all the desired languages is most likely to promote the successful acquisition of all the exposed languages.

According the hypothesis of critical age the child it is considered that language acquisition is possible if exposure of desired language is give to the child.

Multilingualism or Bilingualism provides linguistic diversity and more expressibility when compared with monolingualism. Thus extensive experience with managing multiple languages affects language learning through enhanced ability to manage more expansion of vocabulary in child language.

According to researches and surveys done across the world it is, efficient that bi/multilingualism do not delay language learning on that grounds children expressed to multiple language are said to have more linguistic expressibility more  cognitive and socio-cultural skills. They tend to have leverage in their strengths for academic success.

Bi/Multilingualism opens more opportunities to communicate with wide range of people. Thus exchange of more ideas, information results enriched knowledge.

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Issues related Bilingualism and Multilingualism

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