What is Audiology?

What is Audiology: The word Audiology can be divided into “Audio” and “Logy”. “Audio” means hearing and “Logy” means study. Audiology is the Science that deals with hearing and hearing related problems, balance disorder, hearing loss evaluation, rehabilitation of hearing impaired.

Audiology is the clinical profession that deals with hearing and balance disorders. It is also the scientific study of normal and abnormal audition and related areas in the broadest sense.

According to ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association),  Audiology is the science of hearing, balance, and related disorders. Learn how we hear.

Is Audiology a good career option?

Yes, Audiology is a good career option because professionals of this field help to prevent, diagnose, treat hearing and balanced disorders for people of all age. They have career opportunities in versatile places. Most common places for good career options are hospitals schools, colleges, universities, rehabilitation center, long term residential health care setups. Audiology is a great career option as one can work of his or her own by setting up private clinics or physician office. One of the best career option for self employment.


⇒ Essentials of Audiology – Stanley A. Gelfand, PhD (Book)

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What is Audiology?


April 17, 2020

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