M.Sc Audiology Syllabus and Exam Pattern

M.Sc Audiology Syllabus and Exam Pattern: In this article, we will try to learn about the M.Sc Audiology syllabus and Exam pattern. Master of Science (Audiology) is a two-year postgraduate program. M.Sc. Audiology Course trains students to • function as teachers and researchers in institutions of higher learning, diagnose and manage disorders of hearing and balance across life span. The postgraduate program include a provision for integrated program in Audiology as well as specialization in Audiology.

Award of  Postgraduate Degree The University shall award the Postgraduate degree and issue certificate only after the candidates successfully complete all the University examinations and clinical research.

The syllabus and exam pattern for the M.Sc Audiology Course is largely the same for most colleges because it is governed by the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India).

M.Sc Audiology Syllabus for all Semesters


Subjects or Papers

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M.Sc (Aud) 1st Semester Syllabus
  1. Research Methods, Epidemiology and Statistics
  2. Technology in Audiology
  3. Cochlear Physiology
  4. Neurophysiology of Hearing
  5. Hearing Sciences
  6. Clinicals (Internal)
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M.Sc (Aud) 2nd Semester Syllabus
  1. Auditory Perception
  2. Auditory Disorders
  3. Electrophysiological Assessment
  4. Advances in the Management of Hearing Loss
  5. Clinicals (External)
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M.Sc (Aud) 3rd Semester Syllabus
  1. Genetics of Hearing and Pediatric Audiology
  2. Implantable Auditory Devices
  3. Speech Perception
  4. Auditory Processing Disorders
  5. Vestibular system & its disorders
  6. Clinicals (Internal)
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M.Sc (Aud) 4th Semester Syllabus
  1. Practices in Speech-language Pathology
  2. Dissertation
  3. Clinicals (External)
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Notes for M.Sc Audiology Syllabus all Semester

M.Sc Audiology Exam Pattern for All Semesters

The exam pattern is normally followed semester by semester every six months. Each institute has its own set of theory and practical papers. RCI follows examination rules.


Subjects or Papers




M.Sc (Aud) 1st Semester Exam Pattern

1. Research Methods, Epidemiology and Statistics8020100
2. Technology in Audiology8020100
3. Cochlear Physiology8020100
4. Neurophysiology of Hearing8020100
5. Hearing Sciences8020100
6. Clinicals (Internal)8020100

M.Sc (Aud) 2nd Semester Exam Pattern

1. Auditory Perception8020100
2. Auditory Disorders8020100
3. Electrophysiological Assessment8020100
4. Advances in the Management of Hearing Loss8020100
5. Clinicals (External)10020100

M.Sc (Aud) 3rd Semester Exam Pattern

1. Genetics of Hearing and Pediatric Audiology8020100
2. Implantable Auditory Devices8020100
3. Speech Perception8020100
4. Auditory Processing Disorders8020100
5. Vestibular system & its disorders8020100
6. Clinicals (Internal)8020100

M.Sc (Aud) 4th Semester Exam Pattern

1. Audiology in Practice8020100
2. Dissertation8020100
3. Clinicals (External)10000100



Note: All other problems not addressed in these rules and regulations, including as the pattern of the question paper, grading, the award of grace marks, and the announcement of rank, shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the particular university.

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